Internship is considered to be a stepping stone to build the career you want. Summer internship programs in java, cloud , oracle are designed in such a way which helps you to develop the skills according to you profile. Internship can be part time or full time. It is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees, called interns, to work at a firm for a fixed, limited period of time. Interns also get the practical knowledge of what you are studying and also can implement your learning. Use the internship program to know your interest level in different fields and then try to find out which one suits you. Summer Internship provides you opportunities to explore potential careers, gain job experience and also learn about yourself.

The real life hands on experience you obtain during this period enables you to build contacts for future networking.An internship is about an exchange of services between the students and an organization.In some cases this period may be a little longer, but in no case the duration should be more than 10 weeks. In most of the colleges, it comprises of marks and some evaluation criteria so the students should concentrate on their internship and give their best. The student is expected to prepare a report and submit one copy to the organization and one copy each to the institute for their evaluation. An internship can be paid, unpaid or partially paid.

The organization, in turn, benefits from the objective and unbiased perspective the student provides based on concepts and skills learned during their courses. The summer interns also serve as unofficial spokespersons of the organization and help in image building on campus. There are different summer internship projects based on your stream like, MCA, MBA, etc .During their internship, students can show their enthusiast on one project or they can work on multiple projects. The data or information obtained during this period must be obtained with full permission of the company. The internship experience is valuable to students as it helps them to apply their knowledge in real world.

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