Human Resource


Human resource are the workforce or staff who occupy certain job to perform certain duties and responsibilities entrusted by the management of an organisation.

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Course Description

human resource

(HR) is a set of individuals who make most effective use of the people working in an organization. HR also perform hiring, positioning and overseeing of employees in an organization.HR management process includes, identifying and document roles and responsibilities in an organization, getting the needed personnel assigned to proper project, developing skills of personnel, tracking individual performance, motivating team members, timely feedback, resolving issues and conflicts.

Most of the companies some time ignore

human resource management

in order to administer their employees and as a result they face severe consequences. Now a days it’s becoming most crucial part of the organization to recruit new personnel, train them and assign them to proper project to make most use of their skills.

TheInterns provide knowledge about HR stream to individuals through their well-designed course and training program to develop hr skill in an individual. This course enhances the skill and makes an individual more capable to work in an appropriate manner. It develop individual personally and also give proper training to work in a team.