Business Analyst


Business Analysis is a disciplined approach for introducing and managing change to organizations, whether they are for-profit businesses, governments, or non-profits.

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Course Description

A business analyst is someone who analyzes an organization or business domain (real or hypothetical) and documents its business or processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology.

In the Business Analysis training, we here at theinterns teaches you how to manage the Requirements – one of the core skills of Business Analyst. The primary objective is helping business implement technological solutions in a cost-effective manner beginning with defining, analyzing and documenting requirements.

Business analysts typically take the lead role in:

  • Assisting with the business case
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Eliciting requirements
  • Requirements organization
  • Translating and simplifying requirements
  • Requirements management and communication
  • Requirements analysis

Here, we also let you to be a part of the business operation and works with Information Technology to improve the quality of the services being delivered, sometimes assisting in Integration and Testing of new solutions. Also, you will be involved in the development of project plans and will learn project management skills.

What it Takes to Be a Business Analyst?

To become a successful business analyst, one need to have core business skills and specialized knowledge that will advance a firm’s objectives. Some of the core skills will include:

  • Written and verbal communication, including technical writing skills
  • Understanding of systems engineering concepts
  • The ability to conduct cost/benefit analysis
  • Business case development
  • Modeling techniques and methods
  • Leadership

And here at theinterns we will help you enhance these core skills. So,come Join your hands with us to be a successful Business Analyst of future.