Why Php Training At TheInterns



TheInterns is one of the best training institute as well as development company in jaipur for Php.PHP is Hypertext Pre-processor which is used widely open source HTML embedded scripting language designed for web development. Its syntax is much like C, Java and Perl with many unique PHP features imbibed into it. Main goal of the language is allowing web developers to write dynamically generated pages very easily and quickly.

PHP 5 is the current version which has many changes as compared to PHP 4 which are given below:-




  •  For PHP 5, object model was rewritten for more features and functionalities and better performance.
  • New extension for improved MySQL support
  • Host of new functions added which reduces the need to write functions for common procedures.

Advantages of choosing PHP Web Development

1) Free of Cost – PHP is open source and is updated by bunch of developers from around the globe. Therefore all its components are free to use and are well distributed.

2) Capability – PHP can be used to design any type of website and handle websites with lot of traffic. Facebook, Twitter and other heavy traffic websites use PHP as their framework.




3) Easy to Use – Its syntax is very easy to understand. Its code is embedded in HTML and it is based on C/C++. Therefore all the programmers are very much familiar with the code and can easily use it.




4) Supports all types of Database – It supports all major databases like MySQL, dBase, IBM dB2, Interbase, SQLite etc

5) Faster Developments– PHP decreases its own memory space and thus reduces the loading time and work load from server. Its processing speed is fast and web applications like Ecommerce, CRM are also developed faster.


6) Secure – It has multiple layers of security which prevent it from thefts and other malicious attacks.


Future Scope of PHP

1) Popularity– While surfing on Internet, vast number of websites can be seen with extension .php. Huge availability of php application on internet can give the idea of its popularity.


2) PHP in blogging – Excellent blogs websites are built using wordpress, which is designed by PHP only. Blogs are very common content on internet these days and these are possible by the usage of PHP.


3) PHP simple in use – PHP is so simple and easy to use which makes it future very bright as working on other languages is much more complex than working on PHP.

4) Less Costly – PHP is low cost web development tool, developers charge very less. Because of this reason companies prefer PHP more.