What is Java Programming language?

It is computer programming language which is class based and object oriented. In this developers write code once and that code can be run on any platform without the requirement of recompilation. It was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and it was released in year 1995. Oracle Corporation is the current owner of Java SE platform and acquired from Sun Microsystems on 27th Jan 2010.


1) Portability – Programs created in Java are portable in network. Source program is compiled into bytecode, which can be run anywhere which has Java virtual machine.




2) Robustness – Unlike other languages and C++, Java objects contain no references to to data external to themselves or other objects.

3) Object Oriented – It means that object can take advantage of being part of class of objects and inherit code that is common to class.


4) Easy to learn – As compared to C++ and other programming languages, It is easy to learn.


1) Simplicity – It provides easy interface for the developers and users. It is very easy as compared to other programming languages. Plus it has completely eradicated use of pointers and complex inheritances.

2) Platform independent – Java is platform independent i.e. after writing the code once, that code can be run on any of the platform. It can be run on any hardware and software platform. Java applications are supported by every Java compatible browser.

3) Allocation – It has the feature of Stack Allocation System. It helps the data to be stored and can be restored easily. Stack management is an arrangement process of objects in LIFO (Last in First Out).

4) Distributiveness – It is the platform where two or more networks can work together on a network.



1) Performance – Java programming language is comparatively slower and consumes more memory space than other programming language such as C++.




2) Enumeration types – Java language does not have the types of enumeration but they can be stimulated by using series of constant instead of enumeration.


Future & Scope




  • It is most popular platform which enables developers to make program work anywhere and it inspired the evolution of technology.
  • It is the most pervasive platform which can be used for developing smart card applications or mobile applications.
  • It is the preferred choice for developing the applications for Blackberry Smartphone.
  • There are so many job opportunities in the field of Java with job profiles named as “Java UI Developers”, “Android Developers” etc. These are considered as highest paid jobs in IT Industry.
  • It has an eminent journey since its arrival in the IT industry and now it has been the backbone of many new products and services.