Training is an important part of learning and growing. For every course we study bookish knowledge is not everything, we need to have practical knowledge also. There is a lot of difference in studying about courses and practically implementing them in day-to-day business activities. By doing internship we get an opportunity to have an open mind set about how things work in an organization.

Summer training gives us a chance to learn about a lot of things like office ethics, organizational environment, history of company, services and products, strategies, market etc. This gives the opportunity to work directly with professionals and experience managers and employees. We get a full exposure of the organization. Summer training gives us a better insight to develop our knowledge, competencies and experience, so that we can see our career goals more clearly.

Summer training helps us with the development of following things:

• Boost our confidence level
• Clarity about technical field
• Project oriented approach
• Assist in further placements
• Gives experience of working with a team of highly qualified professionals.

Summer training is a crucial part of any education system. When we first go for recruitments the first question asked by the recruiter is about our internship, and on that behalf the recruiter judges the student the most. In conclusion I would say that summer internship is very important and should be taken very seriously, the interns should grasp as much knowledge as they can from their respective internship.

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