Biometric Technology is becoming more and more popular and useful in organizations with the wide range of applications which include access control system, biometric door locks, finger print readers, face detection systems. Biometric Time & Attendance systems have become one of the most useful applications of Biometric Technology which is being used in schools, colleges, business firms, shopping malls, organisations.

Biometric devices such as finger scanners consist of

  • Reader or scanning device
  • Software that converts scanned information to digital form
  • Database that stores biometric data

What is Biometric Time & Attendance Systems?



Biometric Time Attendance is a biometric time clock which is used to record employee attendance. It uses vascular patterns, hand print, finger print, iris patterns and even voice recognition to verify authorization. Even if employee is working offsite, then also it is possible to track the time not only when employee was working but also how much time he/she spent on allocated task. It is beneficial for the businesses as instead of working on attendance issues, you can very well focus on core functionalities and features as it is difficult to forge or fake the biometric devices.

Why use Biometric Time & Attendance systems?

Unlike other time & attendance systems, Biometrics is more secure plus there is no need to carry any card or remember any passwords. As biometrics reads person unique fingerprint, iris, palm so it is not possible that employees clock in for another. It prevents employee theft and buddy punching.

Return on Investment in Biometric time & Attendance System Installations



Biometric time clocks are useful where security is an issue or where employees falsely record their time worked. Biometric technology is more expensive than other forms of time recording machines such as magnetic badges or personal identification numbers so it is important to calculate return on investment before installing Biometric Time & Attendance systems. In the environment where employees punch in and punch out their cards, ROI is considerable as it completely eliminates buddy punching which can be major loss to the organisation.

Benefits of Biometrics Time & Attendance Systems

1) Increase in accuracy – Manual time keeping system requires employees to report their number of working hours which increases lot of manual work and there are high chances of inaccurate time tracking. With the use of biometrics there is reduction in the time taken to run payroll and increase in the accuracy level which leads to increase in productivity and cost savings




2) No ongoing consumable cost – While other Time & attendance systems requires issue of company cards to employees. These cards eventually wear out, lost or need to be replaced. In case of biometrics cost on consumables is prevented.

3) Eliminates Buddy punching – In case of Biometrics, it requires the enrolled employee to be present otherwise database present won’t match. So it is impossible for employees to buddy punch.




4) User Friendly and easy to use – Biometric time attendance is very user friendly and any one can use this. Plus its operating speed is very fast, user just has to see in front of system and automatically all the details of employee are extracted with accurate details. In this way it saves lot of time and cost.